The great love for Apple products

The great love for Apple products

And how to continue to grow this affection!

Apple is the most valuable tech company in the world. A company founded by Steve Jobs. Not only has it made our daily lives a lot easier, but it has also led the way in technological innovation in the largest industries in the world.

Steve Jobs once said, “People don’t know what they want until we show them.” And he knew what he was talking about, because people like to see Apple products. Have you ever wondered why so many people love Apple so much? Well, we at jvygadgets tell you here some of the main reasons for the great love for Apple creations.

Apple products are easy to use

One thing that draws many people to Apple and keeps them coming back is how easy Apple products are to use. The iPhone is sometimes criticized for not offering its users as much customization options or flexibility as Android phones. But what iOS lacks in features it makes up for in ease of use.

Bijna alle producten en de software van Apple zijn dusdanig ontworpen dat vrijwel iedereen ze snel kan begrijpen. Apple zegt dan ook graag dat hun producten ‘gewoon werken’. En dat is voor het grootste deel absoluut waar.

The Apple ecosystem enables incredible features

One factor that definitely sets Apple apart from the rest of the tech world is how well Apple’s products work together. The iPhone and MacBook are more than just a phone and a laptop. They are extensions of each other. And this idea of interconnectivity can be found throughout Apple’s product line.

Leaving the Apple ecosystem is of course possible, but not always easy. Because even if it can be hard to escape it. As long as you’re in it, there’s no denying that the Apple ecosystem is a wonderful place to be in!

Apple releases many software updates every year

Another important reason why many people love their Apple products is because they can get better with time. Every year, Apple releases a new iOS version, giving many iPhone users free access to new features and updates.

Apple is great at supporting their iPhones for the long haul too. For example, the iPhone 6s launched in 2015 with iOS 9 and continued to receive software updates until 2021 with iOS 15. That’s seven long years of support. Compare that with an Android device, where even the most expensive devices are usually only supported with a few Android versions or upgrades.

Plus, just like the iPhone and iOS, Mac users are treated to a full macOS upgrade every year!

Apple products last longer

There’s no question that iPhones and MacBooks are expensive, but they’re built to last. In fact, many people consider purchasing a MacBook as an investment for the next decade. On the other hand, you won’t find many people using their Windows devices for 10 years…

Het is echter wel bijzonder belangrijk om je geliefde MacBook of iPhone met de juiste beschermende accessoires van jvygadgets te koesteren. En de beste en handigste Apple toebehoren van jvygadgets zorgen er natuurlijk ook voor dat deze gadgets nog fijner in gebruik zijn. Zo zal jouw grote liefde voor de Apple producten alleen nog maar groter groeien!

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